Selected films

1945 (2016) – A Hungarian town grapples with recent sins when two Jews unexpectedly pass through. Black and white. Subtitled.
Advisory: Adult situations, language.

Au revoir les enfants [Goodbye, Children] (1987) – Jewish boys live in hiding at a French school during the Holocaust. Subtitled.

Bogdan’s Journey (2016) – A firestorm erupts when a non-Jew seeks to commemorate the notorious Kielce Pogrom of 1946. Documentary. Subtitled.
Advisory: Violence.

Caring Corrupted (2017) – Interviews explore the involvement of nurses in the Nazis’ murderous T4 program; former commissioner on the THGC, Dr. Anna Steinberger, is featured. Documentary.
Advisory: Murder of children described.

Conspiracy (2001) – Nazi leaders meet at the Wansee Conference to plan the Final Solution.
Advisory: Appropriate for most young adults.

Denial (2015) – An American professor is sued for libel in the UK for calling out a Holocaust denier in one of her books. Adapted from Deborah Lipstadt’s memoir.

Europa, Europa (1990)– A Jewish teenager assumes various false identities to survive the Holocaust. Adapted from Solomon Perel’s memoir. Subtitled.
Advisory: Adult situations, language, graphic nudity.

I Have Never Forgotten You: the Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal (2007) – A Jewish man lives to see liberation from Nazi camps and goes on to author books and hunt Nazis. Documentary.

Imaginary Witness (2004) – Hollywood grapples with issues of artistic license, commercialism, and ethics as it looks for ways to portray the Holocaust on the screen. Documentary.

Jakob der Lügner [Jacob the Liar] (1974) – A Jewish man tries to foster hope in a ghetto. Adapted from Jurek Becker’s novel. Subtitled.

Jeux interdits [Forbidden Games]
(1952) – In occupied, rural France, a young Jewish girl and a Christian boy do their best to make sense of the brutality all around them. Black and white. Subtitled.

Korczak (1990) – The famous doctor and educator cares for 200 orphans in the Warsaw Ghetto. Black and white. Subtitled.

Mephisto (1981) – An actor willingly compromises his principles to achieve success under the Nazis. Subtitled.
Advisory: Adult situations, nudity.

Miejsce urodzenia [Birthplace] (1992) – Decades after his father and baby brother went missing during the Holocaust, a Jewish man returns to Poland to solve the mysteries. Documentary. Subtitled.

No Place on Earth (2012) – Decades after surviving the Holocaust, a Jewish family returns to visit the dark caverns where they hid in Ukraine. Documentary.

Nuit et brouillard [Night and Fog] (1956) – Archival footage and contemporary filming examine Auschwitz and Majdanek. Documentary. Black and white. Subtitled.
Advisory: Footage of emaciated, nude corpses.

Obchod na korze [The Shop on Main Street] (1965) – An elderly Jewish woman in Czechoslovakia is confused when antisemitic policies take away her business. Black and white. Subtitled.

One Survivor Remembers (1995) – A Jewish woman recounts her experiences in concentration camps and on a death march. Documentary.
Advisory: Footage of emaciated, nude corpses.

Playing for Time (1980) – A woman wrestles with ethical dilemmas when she is chosen to be lead vocalist for the women’s orchestra at Auschwitz. Adapted by Arthur Miller from Fania Fénelon’s memoir.
Advisory: Adult situations.

Saul fia [Son of Saul] (2015) – A Jewish man works as a member of the Sonderkommando at Auschwitz. Subtitled.
Advisory: Violence, nudity.

Schindler’s List (1993) – A member of the Nazi Party secretly attempts to protect some of Kraków’s Jews during the Holocaust. Adapted from Thomas Keneally’s novel. Black and white.

Shoah (1985) – Numerous interviews feature Holocaust survivors, bystanders, and perpetrators. Documentary.

Sister Rose’s Passion (2004) – An American nun successfully crusades to change the Catholic Church’s longstanding Teaching of Contempt for Jews and Judaism, thus improving relations between the two faith communities. Documentary.

Sorstalanság [Fateless] (2005) – A Jewish teenager from Hungary is sent to Nazi camps. Adapted from Imre Kertész’s novel. Subtitled.
Advisory: Violence, nudity.