The project teams

HISTORY – Primary Investigator, Dr. Aliza Wong
Melissa Lambert Doctoral Student
Stephanie Wuthnow Master's Student
Chad Campbell Undergraduate Student
GRAPHIC DESIGN – Faculty Lead, Jiawei Gong, M.F.A
Xiaomiao Wang Doctoral Student
FILM – Faculty Lead, Dr. Robert Peaslee
Ian Love Master's Student
Tess Greenless Undergraduate Student
Jonathan Villareal Master's Student
ARCHITECTURE – Faculty Leads, Jiawei Gong, M.F.A. and Christian Pongratz, M.Arch
Shakil Shimul Doctoral Student
Sergio Elizondo Master's Student
PROGRAMMING – Faculty Lead, Dr. Randy Reddick
Jeremy Huston Doctoral Student
MUSEUM - Faculty Lead, Dr. Aliza Wong, Dr. Cameron Saffel, Andrew Gedeon
Stephanie Wuthnow Graduate Student Curator
Chad Campbell Undergraduate Student Curator